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As an approved NIC-EIC contractor with over 24 years experience in the electrical industry,we are able to offer a full fixed wiring testing service that will provide you with a computer generated certificate, detailing the condition of the wiring system and safety of your installation.

Each year, defective wiring or appliances are believed to be the cause of over 12,500 fires in homes just like yours.
These fires result in around 25 deaths and over 590 injuries.
Diy or amature repairs are responsible for around 2,000 injuries and 30 deaths from electrocution in the home each year.

Recent surveys show that over 2 million homes in the UK require some kind of electrical repair,older homes are especially at risk.
The IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) recommends that domestic wiring installations are tested and inspected at least every 10 years, dated wiring systems will require testing at more regular intervals.
Increased legislation is being enforced in an attempt to prevent the number of accidents and deaths resulting from faulty electrical installations, many which have been directly installed by the home owner.

If you live in England or Wales,you are now required by law to use an electrician that is registered and approved to carry out most electrical jobs in the home.
The risks for non compliance with this law is not only a penalty but ultimatley the lives of you and your family.
Having the wiring system within your property tested & inspected will provide you with a true assessment of the installations safety.
As a guide- a 3 bedroom standard layout domestic property will take around 3-5 hours to
test & inspect.
The data is then taken away & processed, we then issue a computer generated certificate
via post or PDF email attachment.
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